Sewn : Cream Pleated Midi Skirt

Thursday, November 27, 2014

So I'm taking a sewing class at BYU this semester and I seriously love it. It's only beginning sewing but I'm learning so many new things. Like how to make topstitching on zippers super straight (use scotch tape!) and how to stretch fabric to put it on grain. (Definitely never have done this before.. haha)

This is the project I just made. We were told to make a skirt with a dart so I searched high and low for a pleated skirt pattern that had a dart, because I didn't feel like making a fitted skirt. I ended up using vintage Simplicity 5627 because that was the only one I could find that had one. Count on the vintage patterns to throw a random thing like that in there.

 Here's a picture without wind so you can see the drape better.

The fabric is this wool crepe from Mood Fabrics. I really love it, it was easy to work with (pleated well) and has a subtle stripe to it which I like. 

 I would have done an invisible zipper normally but we were told to choose between a lapped zipper or centered so I went with centered and used a gold medal one. I love it!! I'm so glad I didn't do an invisible one, it adds a nice element that I like. The zipper was bought from here

The only problem with taking the class is that now a super expensive sewing machine is at the top of my wishlist. haha, we use the Bernina B530's and they are amazing!! Holy cow.(Tip: Don't look up the price- it will hurt your eyes. haha)

5 Current Favorites

Sunday, November 23, 2014

I'm sharing some of my favorites over on Gentri Lee's blog today!

Sewn : Textured Floral Knit Dress

Friday, October 31, 2014

Sorry I look stupid in this picture, it's freezing outside now  of course (or at least was the day I posted this) so I don't want to take new ones. I'm the world's worst blogger, haha.

So here's a dress I just made. I fell in love with this fabric when I first found it but then I was on the fence about it once the dress was done. Don't you hate that? There's just something about it that reminds me of Cruella DeVille though. Ah! Not what I was going for at all. ha hey maybe that'd be a good Halloween costume? 


I used the same pattern that I used for this dress from the Stylish Dress japanese sewing pattern book. I love this pattern, it's easy so there's not much you can do to screw up and the dress is just really easy and comfortable to wear, easy to slip on, etc. That's my kind of dress, especially during the school year when I just want something comfy and loose. 

The only tweaks I made this time around were just adding some length (cut off too much last time, the original pattern is really long though) and made the silhouette more a-line. Oh I added sleeves! I forgot the original pattern didn't have that. 

I really love the gold buttons down the front, I think the contrast with the black and white fabric looks cool. I used black elastic cording in place of the handmade bias that the pattern calls for (for the button fasteners) and I recommend that because it was a lot quicker. And I think it looks better personally. It was a beast to get the cording sewn in place though, that stuff doesn't want to stay pinned.

7 Sewing Tips for the Beginner

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The first sewing tips post I did can be found here.
Fair warning these are really random and all over the place. haha so bare with me here.

Tip #1. Iron pattern pieces flat before pinning them onto your fabric. It will make cutting them out so much easier! Just make sure that when you're ironing them you don't leave the iron on the paper for too long because paper obviously burns more easily than fabric. 

Tip #2. Almost every project goes through a phase where it looks really bad. My mom calls this the "ugly stage." I think that's pretty fitting. The important thing is to not give up at this point. I promise it will look better once the seams are finished and any fitting issues are fixed.

Tip #3. Take it step by step. I know it's easy to get intimidated by projects when you look at it as a whole, but when it comes down to it, sewing is just following directions. That's it! It's easy to get intimidated by the whole process, but take it one step at a time and you won't feel like you're getting in over your head.

Tip #4. You know these pens? You will split the cap each and every time you buy a new one. So do yourself a favor and buy about 10. ha seriously though, am I the only one who this happens to? Every. single. time.  

Tip #5. Hem your sleeves first, before you insert them into your shirt/dress. I promise it will make your life easier. (Then you don't have to worry about hemming them once they're attached to more fabric/weight/material that's easy to get twisted around the sewing machine.) I actually also like to hem the sleeves even before I sew them together into a circular shape. (It's harder to sew once it's in the shape of an actual sleeve because sometimes it's tricky to maneuver the tube shape around the sewing machine arm.) I've found it to be easier to get a good, clean hem to just finish the hem first and then sew the sleeve sides together.

Tip #6. Don't sew to save money. Wait what now? I know a lot of people aren't going to like this one. Heck isn't that why you sew in the first place? The reality is however that unfortunately most of the time sewing costs more money because of our sad mass-produced clothing era. Don't get me wrong, you can still save money sometimes (especially when shopping fabric/pattern sales!) but just don't go into it with the notion that you will (see what I did there? sewing joke. haha) 
(Edited to add: Check out Emily's post down below for some good tips on saving money!)

Tip #7. When making fabric-covered buttons, use books (or something hard) to press down on the button shank (to enclose the fabric around the back of the button.) That probably made no sense, I'm finding it hard to explain this one. ha I've just found that your fingers (and in my case, elbow!) will start to hurt and get tired really fast from pressing down on the buttons so hard. So I use books to fix that problem! If you are having a hard time understanding what I mean by this let me know and I can totally make a video showing it better. I'm not very good at explaining things.

That's all I've got! What are some tips and tricks you've found?

Sewn : Pink Pleated Chiffon Skirt

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Today I realized something. Almost all, if not all my pictures are taken of the right side of my body. You never see my short arm. I've thought I did that kind of accidentally (I like the right side of my face better, ha) but I'm beginning to wonder if I do it more subconsciously than I realize.. So,

Nothing to hide. But I guess at the same time I know it's definitely weird looking at someone without a hand (it's the same for me when I see someone without a leg) and you know, it's ok to admit that too. It is different and takes some getting used to. But I guess I'm just realizing that at the end of the day, this is me! And really there's no point in not being ok with me. 
And really as long as I can still carry in more groceries at one time than my mom, I'm happy. haha
Top: ASOS Skirt: Handmade, Shoes: Shoemint
Alright to the skirt,
This skirt I've already posted, but I desperately needed some updated pictures so there you go. I made this so long ago that I honestly don't remember where I got the fabric but I did find some similar fabric that I'll link to below. 

Oh and I know these pictures look like I went way too vibrancy-happy on the colors ps, I think it's because I actually have a tan for once. ha and the field looks really green for some reason but that's really how it was. 

Pattern: self-drafted 
(but here are some instructions 
showing you how to make a similar one.)

Happy Tuesday! Any fun plans for the week ahead?
I'm playing hooky from school today and going to a One Direction concert. haha I'm way too pumped about it. Any One Direction fans in the house?

Giveaway Winner + Etsy Update

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The winner of the ASOS gift card giveaway is,

(Yay girl I was so excited when it was you!) I hope you enjoy it and get something really cute for the rest of us. :) I e-mailed you, let me know if you don't get it. 

And ok so after thinking it over for too long, I've decided to sell my lace wrap back dress. It's near and dear to my heart so this is kind of hard for me (first world problems, haha) but I just have never worn it since I've made it (I'm not cool enough to have fancy parties to wear it to) so I'm hoping someone else will be able to wear it instead!
The listing can be found here. Happy Wednesday everyone!

Sewn : Hawaiian Print Dress

Friday, September 5, 2014

My goal this summer was to find a hawaiian print dress similar to the ones I've been seeing around.  I ironically had a family reunion in Hawaii this summer (not somewhere I typically get to go to but definitely not complaining!) so that worked out well. 

The problem was that the original dress was sleeveless and I didn't want that so I decided to shorten the dress a bit and make sleeves out of that.

But now I think it's too short so I can never win. Ah man, oh well. I did what I could do so I guess I can't have regrets. I just need to be like 5" shorter and then it would be perfect.

For the sleeves, I just used a really rough sketch of a cap sleeve pattern (same one used for this dress.) I didn't bother measuring the armhole because I knew I didn't want the sleeve to go all the way around. And It worked perfectly! Yay for laziness working to my benefit. haha

Overall I really like it. I love the double ruffle on the bottom and I love the print of the fabric. I do just wish it was longer though. I tried everything I could and really there would have been no way to get any more length aside from buying a second dress so I guess I can't have regrets. But still, kind of annoying.

And last thing, sorry to self-promote but I follow this cute girl Caitlin's blog, and she did a feature on me the other day! It made my day so I wanted to make sure to mention it.

Happy Friday everyone!

Sewn : ASOS Inspired Midi Skirt (+ Giveaway!)

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

My latest project is this black midi skirt copying this gorgeous one I found from ASOS. (Out of stock now but here's a similar one.)

The original had front pleating that I wasn't wanting so I made a circle skirt version using this tutorial from Cotton and Curls. (Liz is awesome, definitely recommend her blog and all her amazing tutorials!) 
The fabric used was crepe de chine from Joann's.

The only thing I don't like about this skirt is that I just wish I would have made it longer. I would have happily made it 3-4" longer to make it more of a midi-style but since it's a circle skirt and the fabric I used was standard 45" wide, I ran out of room. :( I was so close too, only needed like 4 more inches. Next time I'm definitely using 60"+ wide fabric. 

Pattern: Cotton & Curls Midi Skirt Tutorial
Fabric: Black Crepe de Chine from Joann's 
(not 100% sure it's that exact link but pretty sure)

Now to the best part. ASOS is giving away a $50 gift card! To enter do one or both of the following options:

  1. Comment on this post with a random fun fact about yourself, along with an e-mail or some way to contact you if you win. Yes it can be totally random, I just like learning more about you guys. :)
  2. Share this giveaway on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blog, whatever. Just post your link in a separate comment. You can do this on more than one social media platform, just make sure to leave a separate comment for each!
You don't have to do both entries, pick and choose as you wish. Good luck! Giveaway will close on Tuesday September 9th (11:59 PM)

Kiera's Bridal Shower

Monday, August 11, 2014


I threw a shower for a friend of mine who's getting married! Yes another one, haha everyone is getting married. It's super exciting though, I'm really excited for her and her fiancĂ©. They're really cute together and match each other really well.

For the refreshments we had a frozen yogurt bar. Well, technically it was an ice cream bar because the fro yo machine didn't work out last minute, but the toppings were the same.

Pineapple. raspberries. kiwi. blueberries. granola. Oreos. macadamia nuts. peanuts. gummy bears. M&M's. and then just vanilla ice cream.

I made the invites using photoshop (clip art from Rifle Paper!) and then the striped envelopes are from Lola Louie Paperie on Etsy. They're in the papaya color.)

I loved these advice cards from Tiny Prints. (They don't originally come with that saying but you can customize them to say anything you want.) I didn't use these for the shower because they didn't come in time but I'm going to keep them around for the next one for sure. If there is another one that is! 

The flowers were done by the floral shop right by Day's Market in Provo. The girl that works there is amazing!! I wish I knew her name. She's done both showers so far and I've been so impressed with her, I brought here these 3 pictures and she helped me with the rest. And then of course my amazing mom did the floral arrangements. She took one class years ago and she's still amazing at it.

I can't believe I don't even have one single picture of the bride and I together at the shower, or of anyone really because it started raining soon after the shower started so all the pictures with actual people are taken inside (where the lighting is terrible.) So instead I'm going to leave you with their cute wedding announcement.

Congrats Kiera and Zach!

Sewn : Daisy Shift Dress

Monday, July 28, 2014

I originally made this dress with a drop-waist but then it looked kind of funny with the loose fit and stiffer fabric so I raised the waistline up. I was sad because I really wanted to make one but it just didn't work for this one. Now it's a tad too short for my liking but oh well.

I absolutely love the fabric though. I got it from Etsy. The only thing that would have been even sweeter would have been if it were made of something other than cotton. I'm not a huge fan of cotton.. it just doesn't hang well or something, do you know what I mean? It's just too stiff for a good drape or something. I don't know, maybe that's just me.. I'm going to shut up now because I feel like I am giving way too many unsolicited opinions in this post. haha
The pattern is Simplicity 9596. I added sleeves (cap sleeve sloper) and added a lining to the bodice (used same bodice pieces, just left out the facing).

I'm always a fan of patterns with no zippers, so I was pumped about the button-down front. You can't even see the buttons in this pic but oh well. They're fabric-covered!

Overall I'm really happy with the dress. It definitely had an ugly stage where I just wanted to throw it out the window. haha but raising the waistline helped.

Well that's all I've got. Hope you are having a really great Summer! What have you been doing/making/watching/creating/enjoying? I feel like that question sounds really ingenuine just thrown in there at the end but I really do sincerely want to know! 
What has been your favorite part of Summer so far?

Pattern: Simplicity 9596
Fabric: Daisy print from Pumpkin Truck (Etsy)

Maddie's Bridal Shower

Saturday, May 24, 2014

(Invites from Remember November on Etsy)

My friend Maddie is getting married in June so we threw her a bridal shower this week! 

I've known her since I was little so it's been really fun to see her so happy and to have found such a great guy.

The lights are from Target, flowers from the flower shop by Days Market (in Provo), and straws from Amazon.

For the food, we had a crepe bar. Maddie did a study abroad in France so I thought it was fitting! (And crepes are just fantastic so when is not a good time? Really.)

Big congrats to you Maddie!!

(Showing off the gorgeous ring of course!)

Create Your Own : J.Crew Ponte Knit Dress

Sunday, April 13, 2014

1 | 2

I love this dress! Unfortunately it's sold out (and probably was out of my price range anyways. haha) So here's a DIY version. I was thinking Vogue 8615 would be best and then just adjust the neckline a bit. Or else I really like the pockets on Simplicity 7091. It's a pretty simple dress so you've got some wiggle room as far as patterns go. 

Off topic but sorry for being so MIA lately. I've got some other things going on at the moment that are consuming my time but I hope to be back soon. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who follows my blog because it really means a lot that you do. Really. I get e-mails from Bloglovin' when new people follow my blog and it seriously makes me so happy every single time. haha
Sending love to you all!

Sewn : Black & White Peter Pan Collar Blouse

Friday, March 7, 2014

I just finished this shirt for my sister Sadie! 

 I really love how it turned out. We're not going to talk about how long it took me though, haha because I'm super embarrassed about that. I had trouble fitting time in with my school and long story short, she had to wait waay too long for me to be done with it. (Sorry again Sade!)

It looks cute on her though, doesn't it? That girl can wear anything I swear. She wanted a basic knit shirt with a contrasting collar, and a high neckline so there's a zipper in the back to make slipping it on and off easier. I love that she chose a gold one, I don't think I would have originally and I loove the way it looks. 

The black fabric is lightweight sweater knit from Mood (that I would link to but they seem to be out of so can't), and the collar is made out of this silk crepe. I bought the zipper off Etsy and then the pattern is Simplicity 6271 just with a collar and zipper drafted in. 

So since I haven't blogged forever I want to know how YOU all doing. I miss hearing from you guys! Tell me what the best part of your life is right now and what the worst part is. Let's see, mine are, that I'm really enjoying my classes this semester and have Spring Break next week. Holla! And worst, hm I don't know, maybe that's too deep of a question to ask on a blog post. haha you don't have to answer that part if you don't want to. For me it'd probably just be having to figure out my life and what I'm going to do career-wise and all that. Blah so much pressure! The 20's are intimidating.

Have a great weekend everyone!
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