Sewn : Guy's Plaid Flannel Shirt

Saturday, November 30, 2013

This shirt was inspired by the one and only Mr. Harry Styles. You think I'm kidding. haha

I'm a fan, what can I say. I've also decided that I really like making guys clothes. The fit is so easy. You just sort of approximate and you're good to go!

The fabric is this blue/charcoal plaid coating from Mood Fabrics. It's coming up in the pictures looking a lot more ashy colored than it is in real life but oh well. It was super easy to work with and I found myself thinking it was even easier to sew with than cotton is! 
Matching up the plaids was an adventure though- one I never want to do again. haha

Pattern-wise, I used McCall's M6044 (version B). I pretty much followed it exactly, except for the collar I used Peter's "burrito method". Greatest idea! It turned out really well and I will definitely be doing it that way from now on.

I was also blown away with this trick to get collars pointed. It's genius, it made the collar look so much more well done.

I'm honestly surprised with how well this shirt turned out. I kind of went into it thinking that it would either turn out looking just "ok", or one hot mess. ha so I was pleasantly surprised. 

Fabric: Blue Charcoal Plaid from Mood
Pattern: McCall's M6044

5 Winter Favorites

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

1... This cute Christmas card (top left).

This above collage is my entry for the Minted inspiration board challenge this year. If anyone else enters let me know so I can send your board some love! 

2... Buzzcut Season by Lorde. I listen to this song about, 15 times per day. haha really though. I know Lorde is all the rage right now but at least the hype is warranted this time, I loove her voice. 

3... This little lady. How there can be so much talent wrapped up into one person is beyond me. Seriously I need to stop looking at this blog, it's making me question everything about any sewing ability I ever thought I once had. haha really though, this girl is amazing.

4... Netflix.. So here's the thing. I was into Breaking Bad for a while but then it just got to be too much for me. Too much gah, I don't know, just horribleness. Maybe I'm naive but I couldn't handle it. So I want a new show. I was thinking Carrie Diaries maybe? (Polar opposite from Breaking Bad. haha) Or else right now I've been into Untold Stories of the ER. But please, suggestions are welcome!

5... Ghost Map by Steven Johnson. About the cholera epidemic in London in the 1860s. Super, super fascinating! And I have a love affair with London currently so that makes it all the better. 

6... Bijou Market. This weekend in Provo! I love when this is held. Local people I hope to see you all there!

Sewn : Madewell Inspired Striped Dress

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Hi guys! Wow has it been long since I've posted. School/work/trying-to-keep-sane does that to you I guess though.
Here's my latest project! A multi-directional striped dress inspired by this lovely one I saw from Madewell.

The pattern for the bodice and the sleeves is Simplicity 4802. The only changes I made to the  pattern were that I re-drafted the neckline, added length on the sleeves so I could do cuffs on the bottom, and then just added a lining.

The skirt pattern is self-drafted, meaning that I took two rectangles of fabric, added pleats, and pretended like I knew what I was doing. haha it works!

Sorry by the way that I look so melancholy in these photos, I don't know what the deal is there. (Mom you were right, I should have smiled more. :)

Then an exposed metal zipper down the back to give the dress a bit more contrast (it was starting to feel a little too 60's homemaker for me, haha). 
And that's that! Now I'm off to go watch One Direction interviews on YouTube. That's definitely the most productive thing I could be doing with my time right now so it's all good. haha they're seriously hilarious, I'm telling you. 

Pattern: Vintage Simplicity 4802 (minor adjustments)

Sewn : Watercolor Floral Skirt

Sunday, September 29, 2013

I don't know how else to describe these pictures except maybe just totally worked. ha to be fair though, I haven't been sleeping so I'm giving myself the benefit of the doubt on this one. But k so this skirt, guys this skirt! It turned out so much better than I thought it would, it was definitely an experiment in more ways than one so I was not expecting that.

Experiment #1, working with this fabric. Man I was up and down about this fabric. One day I loved it, the next day I thought it was too attention-seeking, the next, well you get the deal. Fortunately the end result I LOVE. I guess it was just one of those fabrics that makes you second guess yourself, but works well for finished garments. 

*it doesn't normally peek up in the center just for the record. I think it's because I'm pulling down on the pockets. 

Experiment #2, kangaroo pockets. Which, to be fair aren't really called that but I feel like they look like a little kangaroo pouch. ha, I've never made pockets like this before, they were drafted into the actual front pattern piece instead of sewn into the side seams. They were essentially like darts on the front of the pattern! So weird. And sure at first I thought it would be no thing but then I woke up to reality and realized I was using a Burda Style pattern. Why do I do this to myself! I swear they have a way of making even the simplest of steps the most. complicated. thing. ever.

Experiment #3, churning out a lining on a whim. This fabric is really lightweight yet stiff, and I felt like a lining would make it flow better. Only problem is that the pattern doesn't come with a lining, and I was worried about drafting one with the whole pocket situation. Well the awesome thing about linings is that no one sees them! So it doesn't even matter that I may have done half of it inside out. And luckily this one turned out great. haha

Also, Am I allowed to say that I like how this skirt makes my booty look? haha, because I'm so going there. I think it has something to do with the darts in the back that I may have accidentally made too prominent. Yay for mistakes that work in your favor!

Fabric: Oscar de la Renta Silk from Mood
Pattern: Burda Style Flared Skirt pattern

So now I want to hear, what's something you've experimented with lately? (Both in sewing and in not. Changed up your daily routine? Tried a new food? Anything!)

Also, just because I'm desperate, any tips for the raging insomniac? I mean, Netflix is great and all but there's only so many episodes of Breaking Bad you can watch. 

Make Your Own : Madewell Drop-Waist Floral Dress

Monday, September 9, 2013

1 | 2

For the pattern, I love the buttons down Simplicity 9596 but if that's not what you're going for, there's also Butterick 5672, or McCall's 2310. Fabric-wise, I loved this abstract floral print from Liberty Fabrics as well as this fabric with a little bit more of a subtle floral.   
Happy Sewing!

Sewn : Geometric Print Shirt

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ok I know I said I was going to make a dress out of this fabric, but honestly I'm kind of sick of making dresses right now. And I really need some new shirts. (New school year guys! Also there's only so many times one can stand being asked "Wait why are you wearing a dress to school? .." ha really though, I get asked that way too many times and I never really know what to say. (Why NOT wear a dress to school I think is the better question. :)

The fabric is this geometric print from Mood. It is designed by Thakoon and I think I got a little too excited when I realized who that actually was. (The September Issue!)  I was really impressed with him when I watched that so I'm glad to see he's still designing. 

Let's pretend that I didn't forget to iron the back of the shirt... haha.

The pattern is the Salme Patterns kimono top. I definitely would recommend, it was super simple and I love the cuff sleeves and the boxy fit. Plus it seriously took no time at all, aside of course from the time it took to print out, tape, and add seam allowances to the freaking PDF pattern. Ugh most annoying process ever. Luckily I have Project Runway to get me through it or else I think I really would go crazy.

Oh and shout-out to Shira from A Sequin Love Affair for giving me the great idea to pair this print with polka-dots. I fell in love when she did so here and so you know, had to pull a blogger move and copy her! haha, also small world that she's wearing the dress I almost made out of this exact fabric, no we didn't plan that but funny how that worked out! 

Sewn : Lace Wrap Back Dress

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Alright, yet another "don't want to pay money so I'm just going to pretend like I can make it" dress.

This time it was because I didn't want the back wrap V-neck to dip so low, but, that didn't even end up happening due to poor planning on my part. Ahh in fact I think mine is lower. Fail.


The lace is from Etsy (obsessed with this shop!! Except watch out for shipping, it will kill you) and the lining is just the same fabric that I use for everything. (Seriously I've used it for like 6 different projects now, ha I love it! It's just from Joann's and it's always in stock.)

The bodice was drafted using this book (Principles of Flat Pattern Design by Nora Macdonald for those too lazy to click, hm wonder how I know people are like that? :) haha story of my life.) Anyways, the skirt is just Vogue 8899, just with the bottom slits sewn up.

I'm excited about the French seams in the bodice and sleeves. I usually just serge my seam allowances but Ami from Little Tailoress inspired me to put in a little more effort this time and I'm glad I did. Makes it look so much better!

I wanted to do an elasticized waist like the original one but I'm ridiculous and didn't take that into account when drafting the bodice. So of course it was way too small and I had to insert a side zipper instead. Oh well, at least it still fits.

Oh and here's the inspiration dress. $58.94 at ASOS for those so inclined (random number because it's originally £38.00) 

Also, last thing and then I'll go. Be Wise mag did a feature on me in their last issue and well, I'm super, super pumped about it. So sorry if annoying promotional stuff like this bothers anyone, but I had to mention it because guys, someone did a feature on me!!! haha that's super exciting stuff for me. It's on page 87 for those with nothing better to do

Have a great week everyone!

Brocade skirt for Kahana

Thursday, August 8, 2013

So a few weeks ago my cousin Kahana asked me if I would make her a skirt.
You guys, this is a big deal. She is the cutest thing and her style is amaaazing. (She works at J Crew, enough said. haha)

So I made this skirt. It's a remake of this one obviously, she just wanted it lengthened, and tapered in at the bottom. The pleating is also different (smaller and closer together) but everything else is the same, side zipper, fabric, waistband, all that fun stuff.

I'm so incredibly flattered she asked me to make her one and hope she likes it! (Even though she's the biggest sweetheart ever and wouldn't ever tell me anything otherwise. haha but I should appreciate that because I'm still new to the whole 'making things for other people' thing and oh my gosh, it intimidates me so much. So I appreciate that she at least pretends to like it. :) Man though, it's scary to make things for other people! I don't know how you Etsy shop owners do it. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 
I'm celebrating my 20th on Saturday so big woop to no longer being a teenager! Except I'm not super excited about that honestly, ha I mean what am I going to blame for being all emotional and stuff now? No honestly I'm not dreading it, It's just weird.. I'm not ready to be old yet. (I know you're rolling your eyes right now. Not old, just, you know what I mean.) 
Anyways, what I really want to know is what YOU did to celebrate your 20th? (Assuming of course that you are older than 20.) I'm feeling like I should be doing at least something exciting but I definitely work that night. ha oh well, I love the people I work with so it shouldn't be too bad.

                           Really though I want to know, 
What did you do for your 20th birthday? 
I need some ideas but I'm also just super nosy so I want to know. :)

Sewn : J.Crew Inspired Button Back Dress

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ok I cannot believe this dress turned out. (I feel like I've said that a lot lately.. haha story of my life.) It sure gave me one heck of a time though, that's for sure. Fitting issues, pattern issues, momma drama (she's not a fan of the back.. :), ya I've pretty much reached the point where I kind of don't want to look at another piece of this fabric again.

I do love how it turned out though. I used Simplicity 5954 for everything except the front bodice. I fell in love with this pattern after seeing it on Lara's blog, DreamingofavonleaI loved how she changed the zipper closure to a button closure so I decided to do mine like that as well. Thanks for the cute idea Lara!

Then I used the front bodice from Newlook 6723 because I wanted a higher neckline since I have no boobs to balance out the low back, and then also added cap sleeves.

For fabric, I used this ivory satin from Mood. It's thick and seems to be really good quality (yet is cheap!) so I'm glad I used it. Some tips if you're going to be using it though, #1 use glass head pins instead of plastic ones. This fabric isn't very forgiving and leaves holes left by thicker pins. #2, if you're going to be gathering at all, use quilting thread. I had issues with the thread breaking on my gathering stitches. And #3, forget trying to make it look ironed because it just isn't going to happen.

Oh and I cut off 15+ inches from the skirt. 15 inches!! Guys, that's like a mini person. They certainly didn't mess around in the 60s, that's for sure. Really though if you don't want a full skirt- don't use this pattern

 Here's the inspiration pic. Cute, except it was $295 dollars. No I'm not kidding, J.Crew will be the death of me I swear. 

And for those that don't want to read that monster of information above,
Fabric: Satin from Mood
Pattern (for front bodice): Newlook 6723
Pattern (for everything else): Simplicity 5954 

Make Your Own : J.Crew Geometric Print Dress

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1 / 2

This Make Your Own idea is completely inspired by the lovely Beth from Lula Louise. She has a great feature called How to DIY that I just love and I thought I'd try out as well.

This dress I actually will most likely end up making down the road, it just won't be for a few more weeks because I want to finish some other dresses first. And since everything takes me forever and a day to make, basically in about 10 years I will be making this dress. ha no but it probably won't be until August, STILL I couldn't wait because I'm dying over this fabric and this lovely dress.

So What are you guys making right now? 

Non-sewists I still want you to answer. :) What was the last thing you made in any shape or form? Can be food, photography, a school project, money (as in at work), anything. Yes I know some people think these question prompts are kind of lame but I sincerely love hearing the answers! ha so you should just do it anyways. 

6 Things You Should Know

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Participating in this blog link-up thing today because Rylee nominated me and if that isn't the biggest compliment ever, I don't know what is! ha so here we go you guys..
1. spill. what's your guilty pleasure? 
Lately diet soda. Guys I hate myself for this! I have never been into diet soda or soda in general until like the past month. But those darn Frescas at Brick Oven have got me hooked. Also Tinder, We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus (not the music video, yuck), and sleeping in big t-shirts with no pants on. hahaha you know we all do it. 

2. hurry, take a quick piccy of your outfit today! name your favorite thing about what you're wearing or give us a little note about your personal style and what it means to you. 

Oh look at me trying to be all nonchalant or something. haha I'm cringing at myself, but this is what I wore today and this dress holds a special place in my heart because it was one of the first dresses I made that I actually liked how it turned out.
3. any beauty secrets you're currently loving? 
Ok so you know how you use that eyelash curler thing before you put on mascara? Well I recently figured out that if you heat it up first using your blow dryer (or straightener, or whatever's plugged in) then it will work a million times better. And this matters because properly curled eyelashes look SO much longer. I have been asked if I have fake eyelashes so many times lately and I swear it's because of this.
4. who has been the most inspiring person for you? why? 
I'm going to switch this question up a little bit because I cannot decide between my brother and my parents so instead I am going to say 5 bloggers that inspire me. I figured other bloggers would be more interested in reading that anyways. 
+ Grace. You know how there are those blogs where you just get so excited to get an update from? That is Grace's blog for me, this girl is amazing. Her photography is amazing, she's a pre-med/down to earth/model-look-alike all wrapped up into one and she had the most amazing wedding dress ever. 
Barefoot Blonde. Amber is completely gorgeous, I think that part can go left unsaid. But she also responds to every. single. comment left on her blog! Or most of them at least. Guys her blog is huge, that takes a lot of time and dedication and I just think it's really cool. Shows that she's aware of her readers. 
Rylee Blake. No it's not because of this award, she was already definitely on my list of top 10 favorite blogs. Why? Because she's so freaking real. Reading her blog is like talking to your best friend, it's awesome and so refreshing. I also love that she always has a "share the love" kind of attitude. If she knows something, she's going to share it. She doesn't keep all her amazing blog design knowledge to herself and I really appreciate that.   
Cirque Du Bebe. Ok this girl, loove everything she makes. Sophie has a definite eye for design and her Tania Culottes make me seriously consider making some of my own. (Something I never thought I would say. But hey I said that with skinny jeans too so I guess that's not saying much.)  

5. favorite song off the top of your head. don't think about it. just go (and provide a link if you can)! 
Royals by Lorde thanks to the lovely CasiDee

6. what's a personal trial that you've had to overcome? 
I have a really hard time letting people into my life. I get scared so I put on a front, push people away, pretend to be real, you know the deal. This obviously sucks but I'm working on it and feel like I've gotten a bit better maybe? A little bit? I don't know, probably not. I really want to though, because I know rejection hurts but missing out entirely seems like it would be way worse. 
Well not to end on such a negative note like that. Sorry about that you guys, but here are the lovely ladies that I'm wanting to get to know better. 
Questions (feel free to pick and choose)..
1. Inspired by this post, what are some of your biggest social media pet peeves? 
2. If someone gave you $100 today, how would you spend it? (Let's just say you can't save it or use it towards bills.)
3. Go into your history and make a list of all the things you've Googled in the past 24 hours. Yes EVERYTHING, this will be fun for some of you. (Like me who googles embarrassing things like who Chase Crawford's current girlfriend is. haha but that's what makes this question fun.) 
4. What is a current trend that you just don't get? 
5. What are you currently celebrating? Can be anything- big or small. 
6. What are 3 things that you had to learn the hard way?

P.S. This is totally open to anyone who wants participate! Just leave a link down below because I don't want to miss out on your answers. :)

Giveaway Winner and Other Things..

Sunday, June 23, 2013

The winner of the two Japanese sewing patterns books is ...

Congratulations girl! They will be sent out shortly. 
As for the rest of you guys, go listen to the new song by Jack Johnson (!), and then go listen to this one. Also this pin deserves a mention, and this blog-button generating website does too. (Makes it so easy!) After you make a button let me know because I'm wanting to create a favorite blogs tab. (Sorry for all these links by the way, and random/scatterbrained ones at that. ha I'm stuck at the Denver airport for another two freaking hours and have way too much time on my hands.)  

Last thing, I know Bloglovin' is the big talk right now with Google Reader going away, but I have another recommendation for the blogs that you just LOVE and want to be immediately notified of. Blogtrottr, it's actually on my Chrome toolbar because I use it so much. ha you just put the link of the blog and your e-mail address and that's it. Immediate gratification. This actually can be a problem for people like me who have waay too many favorite blogs and as a result end up spending like two hours checking their e-mail each day. ha but it's worth it. 

Happy Sunday everyone!

Sewn : Black Floral Dress (+ Giveaway!)

Sunday, June 16, 2013

I have a giveaway for you guys today! Two sewing pattern books are up for grabs, 

       Feminine Wardrobe | Stylish Dress Book

I was given a pair of my own to review (high 5 to the lovely people at Laurence King Publishing for being awesome and doing this by the way) and so I decided to make the Sleeveless Buttoned Empire Bodice dress from the Stylish Dress book.  (Try and say that 10x fast. haha)

K mine's quite a bit different than the original. The shorter length- well that was partly a mistake. I didn't mean to make it as short as I did, I'm just ridiculous and didn't take into account the fact that I'm like 8 inches taller than the average Japanese girl. (These patterns came from Japan, I'm not just randomly singling them out or something. ha) so my dress ended up being a really awkward length and I had to adjust it.

Then I also added sleeves and tapered in the bodice a little bit.

You can't even tell but there is a placket and fabric-covered buttons in there somewhere. The fabric camouflages it too well. Speaking of, I got it from Joann's! When does that ever even happen. I swear I usually have the worst luck with that place. You can buy it here and hey look, it's even 50% off. Of course that happens after I've finished the dress.

You guys are going to die over the styling of these books though. Soo pretty and ethereal. It's not often that you get proper styling for sewing patterns (not saying names but uhh.. haha) but these pictures are perfect. 

Some of the patterns aren't entirely my style but I do like how my dress turned out and I think with some adjustments, most of the rest of the patterns could be pretty wearable. (And not just for the cute, little 5 foot Japanese girls who can pull off wearing dresses 5 sizes too big. ha I wish!)
These books are good for beginners PS, because the patterns are simple. Aside from the placket, all my dress consisted of really was sewing up the pieces together.

Alright guys, now to the fun part. One person is going to win a copy of each! 
One entry: by leaving a comment on this post. You can say whatever you'd like, tell me about what you're currently loving, what the best part of your day was, what the last nice thing
someone said to you was, anything goes.
Bonus entry: if you blog/tweet/FB post/get down on all fours and beg... you know the deal. haha no but sharing it does count as one extra entry. Just leave the link in a separate comment!

The winner will be announced next Sunday (June 23) and contacted via e-mail soon after. Only open to US readers by the way, sorry to my foreign friends. I love you guys, I just don't love your shipping prices. 
 Good luck!

Sewn : White Brocade Skirt

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shirt: Gap, Shoes: Madewell

Inspired by this lovely skirt, I decided to make a similar one using Melissa Esplin's box-pleat skirt tutorial.

She literally posted this the DAY I was starting on this skirt so that made my life about 10x easier. I like to think that it's because we're on the same page but well, it's Melissa Esplin, so let's not get carried away here. haha I was really thankful for the tutorial though. (Thanks Melissa!)

The brocade is from Mood Fabrics (of course. Are you guys sick of hearing that yet?) This is actually technically the wrong side of it, but the right side was more golden colored and I'm all goldened out for the time being. (Pretty sure that's not a word but whatever. :)

The closer is an invisible side zipper. I love this part about the skirt, I always get so happy when I use an invisible zipper and it actually works out. ha I don't have an invisible zipper foot so I always prepare for the worst I guess, and plus my mom doesn't even know how to use them! Mind blown. I thought she knew how to do everything. So of course everything she doesn't know how to do automatically brings the intimidating/difficulty factor up for me by about 100 points. 
But it worked and now I have a feeling I am going to be wearing this skirt all the time this Summer. (Yay!)

Linking up to Sunday Style over at Plane Pretty!

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