Sewn : Dotted Swiss Lace Dress

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Made a new dress! 

My inspiration was a dress from a Cover Magazine spread that I loved. My dress didn't turn out exactly like the original but I still like it. 

Sorry fair warning, I went a bit picture happy on this post, but that's what happens when you take pictures at the most gorgeous place on earth! I can now cross Alberta off my bucket list. :)

Ok so the dress. The pattern is Newlook 6723. Basically I used the same process that I used to create my red lace dressI added 7.5" to the sleeves (because the original are quarter-length), redrafted the neckline, removed gathering from the top of the sleeves, and also removed gathering from the skirt. 

The back closure is an invisible zipper (Joann's) with a gold button from AliExpress. (That website looks sketchy but it's legit I swear. Or at least I've never got burned.) 

The dress has french seams throughout, and the neckline has a bias finishing. The dotted swiss I found was pretty close to the original but the applique is a bit different. For one thing, I left it off most of the dress, unlike the original. I just got nervous, I didn't want the dress to look too frilly. 

But at the same time, the original dress has a ton of lace detailing so I didn't really know what to do. I ended up playing it safe and just adding scalloping on the hem.

Overall I really like it. Lots of hand sewing, which may or may not have meant lots of time spent in front of the TV watching Bachelor in Paradise. haha but hey, that's the best part of hand sewing!

Fabric: Dotted French Gauze Lace (Lacetime on Etsy)
Applique: Floral Embroidered Lace (Popolace on Etsy)
Lining Fabric: Casa Sanded Satin in Ivory (Joann's)
Pattern: Newlook 6723, with adjustments


  1. So freakin gorgeousssss! Pinning now. One day I need you to make me a dress!!

  2. Haylee, this dress, you and the scenery is so pretty. I actually think this is the nicest dress you have well made and designed and executed. YOu ought to enter it into a fashion contest or seomthing.

    1. the scenery are so pretty!.....something

    2. I agree this dress is incredible

  3. Oh it's so beautiful! I love the fabric but the hemline is especially captivating to me

  4. This dress is etherial. Especially in that back round. It is so so beautiful. Your style is impeccable.

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  6. This dress is awesome. You are looking amazing.

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