Sewn : Geometric Print Shirt

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ok I know I said I was going to make a dress out of this fabric, but honestly I'm kind of sick of making dresses right now. And I really need some new shirts. (New school year guys! Also there's only so many times one can stand being asked "Wait why are you wearing a dress to school? .." ha really though, I get asked that way too many times and I never really know what to say. (Why NOT wear a dress to school I think is the better question. :)

The fabric is this geometric print from Mood. It is designed by Thakoon and I think I got a little too excited when I realized who that actually was. (The September Issue!)  I was really impressed with him when I watched that so I'm glad to see he's still designing. 

Let's pretend that I didn't forget to iron the back of the shirt... haha.

The pattern is the Salme Patterns kimono top. I definitely would recommend, it was super simple and I love the cuff sleeves and the boxy fit. Plus it seriously took no time at all, aside of course from the time it took to print out, tape, and add seam allowances to the freaking PDF pattern. Ugh most annoying process ever. Luckily I have Project Runway to get me through it or else I think I really would go crazy.

Oh and shout-out to Shira from A Sequin Love Affair for giving me the great idea to pair this print with polka-dots. I fell in love when she did so here and so you know, had to pull a blogger move and copy her! haha, also small world that she's wearing the dress I almost made out of this exact fabric, no we didn't plan that but funny how that worked out! 

Sewn : Lace Wrap Back Dress

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Alright, yet another "don't want to pay money so I'm just going to pretend like I can make it" dress.

This time it was because I didn't want the back wrap V-neck to dip so low, but, that didn't even end up happening due to poor planning on my part. Ahh in fact I think mine is lower. Fail.


The lace is from Etsy (obsessed with this shop!! Except watch out for shipping, it will kill you) and the lining is just the same fabric that I use for everything. (Seriously I've used it for like 6 different projects now, ha I love it! It's just from Joann's and it's always in stock.)

The bodice was drafted using this book (Principles of Flat Pattern Design by Nora Macdonald for those too lazy to click, hm wonder how I know people are like that? :) haha story of my life.) Anyways, the skirt is just Vogue 8899, just with the bottom slits sewn up.

I'm excited about the French seams in the bodice and sleeves. I usually just serge my seam allowances but Ami from Little Tailoress inspired me to put in a little more effort this time and I'm glad I did. Makes it look so much better!

I wanted to do an elasticized waist like the original one but I'm ridiculous and didn't take that into account when drafting the bodice. So of course it was way too small and I had to insert a side zipper instead. Oh well, at least it still fits.

Oh and here's the inspiration dress. $58.94 at ASOS for those so inclined (random number because it's originally £38.00) 

Also, last thing and then I'll go. Be Wise mag did a feature on me in their last issue and well, I'm super, super pumped about it. So sorry if annoying promotional stuff like this bothers anyone, but I had to mention it because guys, someone did a feature on me!!! haha that's super exciting stuff for me. It's on page 87 for those with nothing better to do

Have a great week everyone!

Brocade skirt for Kahana

Thursday, August 8, 2013

So a few weeks ago my cousin Kahana asked me if I would make her a skirt.
You guys, this is a big deal. She is the cutest thing and her style is amaaazing. (She works at J Crew, enough said. haha)

So I made this skirt. It's a remake of this one obviously, she just wanted it lengthened, and tapered in at the bottom. The pleating is also different (smaller and closer together) but everything else is the same, side zipper, fabric, waistband, all that fun stuff.

I'm so incredibly flattered she asked me to make her one and hope she likes it! (Even though she's the biggest sweetheart ever and wouldn't ever tell me anything otherwise. haha but I should appreciate that because I'm still new to the whole 'making things for other people' thing and oh my gosh, it intimidates me so much. So I appreciate that she at least pretends to like it. :) Man though, it's scary to make things for other people! I don't know how you Etsy shop owners do it. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 
I'm celebrating my 20th on Saturday so big woop to no longer being a teenager! Except I'm not super excited about that honestly, ha I mean what am I going to blame for being all emotional and stuff now? No honestly I'm not dreading it, It's just weird.. I'm not ready to be old yet. (I know you're rolling your eyes right now. Not old, just, you know what I mean.) 
Anyways, what I really want to know is what YOU did to celebrate your 20th? (Assuming of course that you are older than 20.) I'm feeling like I should be doing at least something exciting but I definitely work that night. ha oh well, I love the people I work with so it shouldn't be too bad.

                           Really though I want to know, 
What did you do for your 20th birthday? 
I need some ideas but I'm also just super nosy so I want to know. :)
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