Sewn : J.Crew Inspired Button Back Dress

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ok I cannot believe this dress turned out. (I feel like I've said that a lot lately.. haha story of my life.) It sure gave me one heck of a time though, that's for sure. Fitting issues, pattern issues, momma drama (she's not a fan of the back.. :), ya I've pretty much reached the point where I kind of don't want to look at another piece of this fabric again.

I do love how it turned out though. I used Simplicity 5954 for everything except the front bodice. I fell in love with this pattern after seeing it on Lara's blog, DreamingofavonleaI loved how she changed the zipper closure to a button closure so I decided to do mine like that as well. Thanks for the cute idea Lara!

Then I used the front bodice from Newlook 6723 because I wanted a higher neckline since I have no boobs to balance out the low back, and then also added cap sleeves.

For fabric, I used this ivory satin from Mood. It's thick and seems to be really good quality (yet is cheap!) so I'm glad I used it. Some tips if you're going to be using it though, #1 use glass head pins instead of plastic ones. This fabric isn't very forgiving and leaves holes left by thicker pins. #2, if you're going to be gathering at all, use quilting thread. I had issues with the thread breaking on my gathering stitches. And #3, forget trying to make it look ironed because it just isn't going to happen.

Oh and I cut off 15+ inches from the skirt. 15 inches!! Guys, that's like a mini person. They certainly didn't mess around in the 60s, that's for sure. Really though if you don't want a full skirt- don't use this pattern

 Here's the inspiration pic. Cute, except it was $295 dollars. No I'm not kidding, J.Crew will be the death of me I swear. 

And for those that don't want to read that monster of information above,
Fabric: Satin from Mood
Pattern (for front bodice): Newlook 6723
Pattern (for everything else): Simplicity 5954 

Make Your Own : J.Crew Geometric Print Dress

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

1 / 2

This Make Your Own idea is completely inspired by the lovely Beth from Lula Louise. She has a great feature called How to DIY that I just love and I thought I'd try out as well.

This dress I actually will most likely end up making down the road, it just won't be for a few more weeks because I want to finish some other dresses first. And since everything takes me forever and a day to make, basically in about 10 years I will be making this dress. ha no but it probably won't be until August, STILL I couldn't wait because I'm dying over this fabric and this lovely dress.

So What are you guys making right now? 

Non-sewists I still want you to answer. :) What was the last thing you made in any shape or form? Can be food, photography, a school project, money (as in at work), anything. Yes I know some people think these question prompts are kind of lame but I sincerely love hearing the answers! ha so you should just do it anyways. 
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