To Do Summer 2013

Monday, May 27, 2013

I feel like if I write these down I will be more likely to do them or something so we'll see how well that works out. haha

1. I guess it's only appropriate to start out with SewingOn the top of my To Do list is a white brocade skirtnightshirt, white dress, polka-dot dress, and lace dress. Why not just buy them? Because if I make them I can get them for FREE or close to it. Enough said. 

2. See a psychic for fun. 
I have a feeling my mom is going to really like this one. (haha if you know my mom at all you would know that she would NOT.)

3. Get my Etsy shop opened once and for all.
The trick now is to figure out what I want to sell. Thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated! 

4. Ride the Sundance ski lift moonlight ride.

5. Work on my darn photography skills
- or more accurately, DEVELOP them. haha, I want to learn how to shoot in manual mode and I also would love to learn some Photoshop. (Update: learned to shoot in manual mode! Obviously still trying to get better at it, but at least I know what all the weird photography lingo means now. Like ISO, for the longest time I was like what the huh?)

6. Comment on blogs more. 
I would just like to take this opportunity to give a big "I suck" to everyone who has left a comment for me in the past while. Usually my favorite part is being able to read your lovely blogs back but lately I just haven't had time. This will change! 

Stop at Fancy Tiger while I'm in Denver (going at the end of June! Probably..) Also Sputnik restaurant because they have a Photobooth and Wordshop Paperie.

 As for Utah restaurants- Blue LemonSammy'sand Agie's Raw foodsOh and Decadence Cafe because they have cocoa "coffee". As in not really coffee but made out of cocoa beans instead. Cool! (For people that don't understand the excitement of this, I'm Mormon and I've never had a Frappe. Enough said. haha)

9. Attend a blogger meet-up
If anyone knows of any around Provo/Salt Lake area let me know! So far I'm coming up with nothing. (Update: went to Apricot Lane's Blogger meet-up with the beautiful Bre'an of ST8 of Mind (I work with her at Brick Oven! Small world, huh?) and met Gentri, Rachel, Alycia, Jessi- guys I was completely star-struck!)

10. See Great Gatsby
- A little behind on the times with this one but I still want to see it so bad. Also Bling Ringand Wait Until Dark.

11. Show at a fashion show in August.
 There's this awesome group called RAW Artists that shows different independent artists every few months but I got overwhelmed at the thought of showing in June and decided to hold off and now I hate myself for that. But they have another show in August so I'm making it a goal to not back out on that one. You guys gotta hold me accountable on that.

12. Read T
he Guinea Pig Diaries, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, and Man Search for Meaning. Completed The Guinea Pig Diaries, now onto the last two. 

13. Make a music video. Luckily I work with the most awesome people ever and we're already planning to do this at our next host party. Yay! 

I would love to say hike Timp on here but let's be honest, that's not going to happen. haha so I will instead put to try Yoga and Zumba and ideally do one (or both) of them regularly.

15. Boating! 
By the way, friends with boats, you're really really awesome. I just wanted you to know that.

16. Put Hogwarts admission letters into as many mailboxes as possible. 
haha seriously the best idea ever. I saw this in The Buried Life book once and it has been my life mission ever since. 

18. Drive-in movie. Yes guys they still exist. (Side note: I was so pumped to find that website. haha)

Alright now your turn, what would you like to do this Summer? I'm not just asking to ask by the way. I sincerely want to know!

Sewn : Canvas Totes

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ok so let me preface this by saying that I know these are not a big deal. But they were much needed and when are bags ever not a good idea? Really though.

I used this canvas fabric from Mood Fabrics, and then Megan Nielsen's tote bag tutorial. (The one on the right is the 'thicker straps' version and the one on the left is the original). The fabric was cool because it had a different texture on each side, so I ended up making two bags- one with the more smooth texture facing out, and then one with the bumpy side (like pictured below).

So ya these are slightly boring and monotonous but at the same time, guys, bags are awesome!! Now I can officially go to the library without looking like an idiot carrying 5 books in one hand. haha really though.

Oh before I go, the winner of the Colette Pattern Giveaway is....

Whitney A

Congrats girl! Also I apologize but I cannot for the life of me figure out how Google + works so if you could send me your address I will go ahead and get this pattern sent to you. :)

Colette Pattern Giveaway [Closed]

Friday, May 10, 2013

No sewing project today but I'm giving a shout-out to Kollabora for being the most awesome company ever! Holy, they sent me all of this stuff just because they're awesome like that. 

What's the catch? I have no idea, I'm still trying to figure that out myself.. haha but in the mean time I'm not going to ask any questions.

I'm particularly excited about this stuff, though to be honest I have no clue what it's really used for. I mean I know it's an interfacing type thing, but where do you use it exactly? Like what projects are good to use strips of interfacing on? Advanced sewers I need you. 

Anyways, all this is not the fun part for you guys obviously, the fun part is that I'm going to send this lovely Colette pattern to one random person who comments. All you have to do is tell me what the coolest thing you have ever gotten for free was. And then extra entry if you tweet, blog, Facebook post about it, etc. 
Why am I doing this? Because my biggest pet peeve ever is when blogs talk on and on about all the free stuff they get. It's like really no one cares! ha so to make it up to you guys I'm doing this, because at the same time I could not just not blog about this because it was SUPER nice of Kollabora and I was pumped about it, soo this is my way of making it up to you sort of. :)

And also let's be real, I would have never gotten any of this stuff had it not been for you anyways! ha so thank you for that.
Winner will be announced next Thursday. Good luck everyone!

Oh and PS, sorry to you non-sewers. This is the most boring giveaway ever for you I realize. 
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