Sewn : Black Polka-Dotted Banksia Top.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Yes, I made another one.

I'm a little obsessed at the moment. Originally I was going to make the gold-collared dress, but than this sew-along happened and I already had some fabric so I decided to go for it. I'm kicking myself for not doing a contrasting collar though. For some reason I didn't even think about it until I had cut this one out already.
Oh well, this one's growing on me.

My placket sucks so don't look too closely. ha, thankfully the black fabric makes it hard to see.. Kind of? Yay for making Summertime clothes in November! :)

Oh my gosh you guys..

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I won! It pays to enter contests my friends, I'm telling you.

That is not what this post is about though. It is about something I made my friend for her birthday, so if your name is Becca and you recently turned 18, you officially are not allowed to read the rest of this, even though I love you.

Ok so for everyone else (so, mom :) I wanted to show you a notebook I made for her.

A washi-tape journal! How genius right? I can't take credit for the idea of course. I saw it on Design Love Fest and naturally died. Best idea ever.

This friend of mine is a complete genius (as in Salutatorian, pre-med, and brilliant.) so I figured a notebook she could possibly use for school might be a good idea.

Hopefully she likes it. I would end this by saying Happy Birthday to her but technically she's not supposed to be reading this in the first place so that would be kind of pointless. ha, so instead I will say Happy Tuesday to everyone else. :)

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