Junior Prom!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Group!
I went with Christian Covey who was such a gentlemen. Seriously to any high school girls reading this, if you want a sweet, charming and fun date- ask him to the next girls choice. I was very impressed.
For our day date, we went air ballooning. Yes i'm being serious.You're jealous, but it's ok I understand. :)
The girls and guys in my group are some of my favorites at Timpview. They are all so nice, genuine and so fun to be around. I loved spending such an incredible day with them.
We had dinner up at the Covey's grandparents house and the whole thing was spectacular.The table settings, the flowers, the gazebo, everything was gorgeous.
To all of you who think you've lived before you've tried Sister Newell's cooking, think again. I was blown away. I felt like I was eating a little piece of art everytime I took a bite. Dear Mrs. Newell, if you ever feel like making that raspberry chocolate dessert again, please invite me over. ;) 
And on a side note, Christian was prom king so I can officially say i've dated a king. :)
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