Sewn: White Silk Crop Top

Sunday, October 29, 2017

I made a deal with myself. If I made this shirt, I had to make something with color next time. Because I legit have a problem, there is just something about white! I promise the next project (actually the second to next project because I made two white crop tops when I made this :P) I will make something with color.

I made this shirt from fabric I found at Joann's. I liked the slight print to it, but it's very see-through so this shirt needed to be fully lined. That was fine though, I like the drape and feel better that way anyways. I just used the same fabric for both layers, I was too lazy to go to the fabric store again.. 

The pattern is self-drafted using this book. Best thing I ever did was get that book and a sloper in my measurements. I love being able to customize pattern pieces and not have to deal with all the differences in fit when you buy commercial patterns. 

That being said, I wish the neckline of this shirt was less wide. I should have caught that, I didn't make a muslin before hand so didn't notice until I had already cut the fabric. Hate when my laziness comes back to bite me.. Oh well, next time I'll at least know what to change. 

I didn't make the skirt. I was pumped when I saw it at the store though, isn't that embroidery incredible? I want to learn how to embroider really badly, it just intimidates me. Needlework in general man, how do people do it? My sister is this amazing knitter and I'm always wishing I had her skills, and then this friend I follow on Instagram, man she's like this freaking amazing embroiderer. It makes me so in awe of their skills. One of these days I will learn. Or attempt to, I think that's a better way to put it. haha

Fabric: Mini Clip Ivory Silk Satin (Joann's, but sold out unfortunately)
Pattern: Drafted (I use this book and love, love, love it.)
Shoes: Blue Velvet Stacked Heel (Zara)
Skirt: Waverly Garden Skirt (Anthropologie)



  1. Love this look, Haylee. I love your top and that you can draft it and have those skills. I also love the fabric left over from your sewing that all of us including grandchildren can have fun with. I love that you sew and put together outfits that are amazing. I love your shoes by the way and I loved shopping for that skirt with you in Canada. This whole outfit was something that is darling, happy and you.

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  3. That skirt is amazing and the top makes it even better! Knitting and embroidery aren't super hard, but you need to invest a lot more time into it than sewing before you see a result (and if something is going to work or not) so that's a bit daunting sometimes. I'd say GO FOR IT! You seem to have some people around you who can offer guidance if needed :)

  4. Love it, and especially paired with that skirt!

  5. Haylee, how have I missed this til now! That is so so sweet of you to say that about me. And will you always call me your sister, and not sister in law because I love it so much. I also really want to learn to embroider... but what don't I want to learn ha. Someday I'll do it. Love you!

  6. Hi,

    Can you please give me the exact idea where can I get that skirt? I want to keep one in stock in my shop Fabric USA Inc.

    I will be waiting to hear back from you.


  7. amazing pictures..
    nice shirt keep it up.

  8. very nice pic and article thanks for sharing


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