Red Lace Dress

Monday, March 28, 2016

 photo Valentino DIY Red Lace DressFront close up_zpsphts6eto.jpg
This dress was way out of my comfort zone, I'll be honest. I stick to neutrals typically, white and creams will probably always be my favorite color. However, not EVERYTHING I make can be white. haha, so I forced myself to try something new.

It's a recreation of this dress from
Valentino S/S 2012 (on the left).

I thought it was pretty but didn't want a maxi length and of course can't afford a dress like this in the first place so the DIY route it was.

 photo Valentino DIY Red Lace DressSide 4_zpsawaf2crz.jpg

I originally got the lace from Etsy but it's sold out now, except hey I just found a listing on Aliexpress but it's way more expensive so not sure if it's still worth it.

 photo Valentino DIY Red Lace DressDetail 2_zpsuecsxorb.jpg

The outer bodice is Newlook 6723 with lengthened sleeves (I added 7.5") and then I narrowed the skirt pattern so it would have less gathers. I also did this for the top of the sleeves.

 photo Valentino DIY Red Lace DressFront close up 3_zpstnb34zh0.jpg

The underlining bodice is drafted, and is basically just a sweetheart neckline, princess seams and boning for structure. I used Tasia St. Germaine's (Sewaholic blog) tutorial on sewing a boned bodice and definitely recommend. She explains things really well. The lining also has French seams.

 photo Valentino DIY Red Lace DressClose back_zpsnguw7dbv.jpg

For the closure, I used a gold zipper and a gold button on top. I like the peek-a-boo back, I think it's a nice contrast with the long sleeves. 

 photo Valentino DIY Red Lace DressFront looking away_zpstvbhgqxu.jpg

That awkward moment when you don't have a hand so the see-through lace sleeve looks really awkward. haha these pics totally caught me off guard. I'm used to seeing myself with short sleeves and/or with long sleeves that cover my arm but not with long sleeves that show light through where my arm stops! It looks kind of weird I'll admit so just try and ignore that. :)

I really like how it turned out though. I do have issues with the neckline, I need to go back and fix the scalloping in the front and I wish I wouldn't have cut so much off in the first place. I wanted a high neckline all along, it was just hard getting the scalloping right and I ended up cutting too much off. Oh well, trying not to knit-pick now because it will drive you crazy!

Lining Fabric: Joann's in Tango Red 
Pattern: Newlook 6723
(Lining is drafted)

Spoonflower Aprons

Friday, February 26, 2016

 photo IMG_4301_zps7udcskdw.jpg
These aren't very exciting but I had to show off this cute fabric I found on Spoonflower

 photo IMG_4356_zpsvjjurux1.jpg

 I made like 15 of them in different fabrics (also used this one, this one, and this one) but the pineapple one's my favorite. 

 photo IMG_4334_zpsro4ae1en.jpg
The milk one's a close second though, I would link to it but sadly it looks like the shop's gone offline so it isn't letting me.
Seriously that website is going to be the death of me. I can spend soo much time and money there.
(No this isn't a sponsored post, but Spoonflower hit a sister up! ;)

 photo IMG_4336_zpspcvez43c.jpg

For the pattern, I just took an existing apron and traced a pattern from it. I lined all of them which took forever and a day, but it makes them look so much nicer so it's worth it. The seam's are finished with bias tape.

I have one issue with this site. I hate that it's so so incredibly expensive. I want to try their silks and knits but $26-40 a yard just doesn't seem worth it in my opinion. I also wish they printed both sides of the fabric.  Ok that was two issues I have, so this was your unsolicited rant from me for the day. haha I'm sure it won't stop me from continuing to spend too much time and money there though. Because let's be honest.. haha    

Pineapple Fabric: Bella_modiste
Milk Fabric: Shop's offline unfortunately
('s called "milk_MILK_milk" if you want to search for it later)

Lace Sleeves Crop Top

Thursday, February 4, 2016

 photo IMG_4212 final_zpsxrpltwkj.jpg

I recently ordered a bunch of scrap lace off Etsy so I decided to make a crop top!

The lace is gorgeous I think, I wish I knew where to find it by the yard. I got it from Leanimal's shop because I think she's freaking amazing and absolutely love all the fabric she uses. I'm sure the original stuff costs a lot though. 

 photo IMG_4256 final_zpstqhgqi6z.jpg
I drafted the pattern using a basic sloper, but I was really just trying to recreate this shirt so maybe I should have just traced that pattern. I get nervous doing that though.. but the fit generally turned out the way I wanted. 

 photo IMG_4240 final_zpsmc2y01z1.jpg

The length is bugging me but I think that's because I'm used to seeing shorter cut crop tops and, that's not happening. haha

 photo IMG_4200 final_zpsbwpwvrs5.jpg

The bodice fabric I used is satin/polyester I think (?) from Joann's.

Of course it's white (sensing a theme here? haha) and I love it! I'm sure I'll wear it all the time.

Bodice Fabric: Ivory Satin from Joann's
Pattern: Drafted

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