Kiera's Bridal Shower

Monday, August 11, 2014

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I threw a shower for a friend of mine who's getting married! Yes another one, haha everyone is getting married. It's super exciting though, I'm really excited for her and her fianc√©. They're really cute together and match each other really well.

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For the refreshments we had a frozen yogurt bar. Well, technically it was an ice cream bar because the fro yo machine didn't work out last minute, but the toppings were the same.

Pineapple. raspberries. kiwi. blueberries. granola. Oreos. macadamia nuts. peanuts. gummy bears. M&M's. and then just vanilla ice cream.

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I made the invites using photoshop (clip art from Rifle Paper!) and then the striped envelopes are from Lola Louie Paperie on Etsy. They're in the papaya color.)

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I loved these advice cards from Tiny Prints. (They don't originally come with that saying but you can customize them to say anything you want.) I didn't use these for the shower because they didn't come in time but I'm going to keep them around for the next one for sure. If there is another one that is! 

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The flowers were done by the floral shop right by Day's Market in Provo. The girl that works there is amazing!! I wish I knew her name. She's done both showers so far and I've been so impressed with her, I brought here these 3 pictures and she helped me with the rest. And then of course my amazing mom did the floral arrangements. She took one class years ago and she's still amazing at it.

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I can't believe I don't even have one single picture of the bride and I together at the shower, or of anyone really because it started raining soon after the shower started so all the pictures with actual people are taken inside (where the lighting is terrible.) So instead I'm going to leave you with their cute wedding announcement.

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Congrats Kiera and Zach!


  1. What a gorgeous shower! You're such a sweet friend. :)

    1. Thanks Sonja! You always leave the sweetest comments, really that means a lot thank you!

  2. I loved this shower and you did a super job. The best part almost though were the two games you had which were personal and took a lot of time...interviewing the groom and getting the prizes and finding the quiz on weddings. Very well done, Haylee. I loved those decorations, balloons, refreshments and invitations.

    1. Thanks mom :) it was fun, I'm glad the games worked out and I'm glad we threw it. Thanks for all your help, I obviously definitely could not have done it without you.

  3. I love the idea of a froyo bar, so cute! It looks like you made this a really special day. =]

    1. Ah Sara it's so good to hear from you again! It's been seriously forever, I thought you disappeared from the blogging world so it's really nice to see you back! Thanks so much for your comment, I was glad the fro yo bar worked out well. It would have been better if we got the soft serve machine (what's better than soft serve? Really right now, :) but oh well, ice cream is good too I guess!
      Thanks again Sara, good to hear from you!

  4. Love your blog, glad I stumbled upon it. :)

    How fun would it be organising a bridal shower?! - stressful too I imagine at times? You did a great job.

    Naturally Jes

  5. Such an adorable shower: the cards, the frozen yogurt bar, everything's lovely :3

  6. I don't know how to reply on my blog so I'll just reply here! The fabric I bought for the skirt was from the Provo Joann's. Awesome, huh? I had a coupon and they were also having a sale so it was at least half off when I bought it. Last time I was at Jo-Ann's I didn't see it though :( But they do have it on their website still. Hopes this helps!

  7. I think the photo on the girl's hair is beautiful.


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