Maddie's Bridal Shower

Saturday, May 24, 2014

(Invites from Remember November on Etsy)

My friend Maddie is getting married in June so we threw her a bridal shower this week! 

I've known her since I was little so it's been really fun to see her so happy and to have found such a great guy.

The lights are from Target, flowers from the flower shop by Days Market (in Provo), and straws from Amazon.

For the food, we had a crepe bar. Maddie did a study abroad in France so I thought it was fitting! (And crepes are just fantastic so when is not a good time? Really.)

Big congrats to you Maddie!!

(Showing off the gorgeous ring of course!)


  1. this reception looks so cute!
    P.S your shoes are so adorable, just so you know.

  2. Hayley this is adorable!! Well done!

    1. Sara!! Ok can I just say getting this comment made my day, how the freak have you been girl? I love your blog (and stalk it regularly, let's just be honest. haha) but I've always felt stupid to comment for some reason so good this makes me not feel like I can more. :) hope things are going well cute girl!

  3. It was soo cute! You girls all look so beautiful!

  4. You did a super job Haylee and Maddie has been the best friend and neighbor ever. It will be a bit sad to see her married off and away but happy too. IT was fun to do.

  5. cutest shower!! good girlfriends are such a blessing! xoxo

  6. I think you wearing a jacket is nice.


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