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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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I think I'm the only person in Utah who is excited that it's freezing cold again this week. ha I definitely am though, I want to be able to wear this coat that took me forever and a day to finish. I seriously started this in like December I think... then I didn't work on it for a couple months after it turned into one of those projects and now I'm just barely getting around to completing it.

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So here's hoping Utah stays cold for at least a few more weeks so I can actually wear it for a bit. (Please no one shoot me for saying that.)
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 I used the Burda Coat pattern for those that care. It's one of the patterns included in the Burda Style Handbook and even though I love this coat, I wouldn't recommend it.  It wasn't written well in my opinion and I found myself getting confused in places that I shouldn't have been getting confused on.  It was also a pain to have to trace out and add seam allowances to all the pattern pieces when I wasn't even drafting it so I didn't even get to feel "cool" for making my own, haha you know? Because if I am going to do all that extra work, I at least want to feel like it's worth it! I do love the Peter Pan collar though, and the silhouette, but honestly unless you are a pretty confident seamstress (which I'm not), I'd go with another pattern.

As for changes, I pretty much followed the pattern to a T except that I de-poofed the sleeves a little bit and I made the coat shorter. (4 inches I believe?)

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Don't mind me pulling an Angelina Jolie on you guys in that last picture. haha seriously what the heck am I doing? I can't pose. I'd seriously like to see the reaction of everyone that drives by as this is happening because I imagine it would be quite a sight.

Have a great week everyone! Provo people come to the Bijou Market on Friday and Saturday, and everyone else go listen to this song. I've listened to it literally 56 times this week. haha I love it!

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