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Friday, January 25, 2013

The winner of the Firmoo glasses giveaway via is..

(Can I just say that I'm pumped that you won by way? ha what are the odds?) Firmoo will be e-mailing you with the full details soon. Congratulations again girl!

For the rest of you lovely people, I've been wanting to do more giveaways and tutorials on my blog so it's not all just for me (even though I know you just loove all the endless pictures of me and my sewing projects). haha for real though, are there any things you are wanting to learn how to make? Skirts, aprons, specific sewing skills, it can be whatever! Let me know and I'll start posting some tutorials soon. 


  1. Congrats to Lily!
    I'm so excited about this!
    I would love to see a beginner's crash course. I can sew, but not well. I don't have a sewing machine (but I do have one of those "Quick Stitch handheld sewing machines" and have never used it) and am not sure I have the money/space/need to invest in a real sewing machine... but I'd love to make more things any ways!

    1. Oo Sara that's such a good idea! I'll have to look more into those and see what they are capable of doing. I really like that idea though, thanks for the great suggestion.

  2. AHHH! So excited:) Love you girl!

  3. I'd rather you sew and make for me hahaha I can't even sew a button!

    1. haha Shira I love you. I've actually been thinking of doing something along the lines of that too- like have a giveaway where the winner gets to pick something for me to make for them or something. I'm just sort of hesitant to do it because making things for people in general scares me to death because I don't want them to feel like they have to wear it or pretend to like it just because I made it for them, you know? Wow I'm totally rambling. Apologies, point is that I LIKE YOUR IDEA.

  4. Omg, thank you for the nicest compliment ever. I actually LOVE Alessandra Ambrosio! I WISH I could actually look like her haha! The reality is that that's way too far from the truth! Thank you though!

    Just started following you;)!!

  5. i'm so glad you found my blog because it led me to yours!!! i love love love your layout & design. so clean! & i would love to learn how to sew, PERIOD! any basic tips???

    also, if you ever need some cute new portraits let me know! cheers to finding local bloggers!! :)

    new follower :)


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