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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So if you know me at all, you know that I'm a sucker for contests. They're pretty much my favorite thing ever, so of course I'm participating in Minted's first ever holiday inspiration board challenge this year.

Yes I'm early, but really, Christmas should be celebrated all. year. long! No not really, but I want to win this contest so we're just going to say that.

P.S. I realize that there are some very talented board-makers (new word?) out there, so please don't think that I think I'm super talented/amazing/creative/unique by posting this. I have to in order to enter the contest or else I would soo not be doing this right now. ha this contest is just for fun ladies and gents, I'm not planning on winning so be nice friends!
Happy Halloween Holidays everyone! ;)


  1. This makes me feel so Christmasy! I get into the holiday mood early so I certainly don't mind! Good luck, I hope you win! =D

  2. Wow, you won. congratulations. You are very clever with this board. They liked the socks huh? Yeah, I can see how. The whole feeling of the board and the colors and the coziness of it all is very very Christmasy and cozy. Good job, Haylee. Angie needs to make some socks like this. So cute.

  3. The products of these kids I think it is lovely.


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