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Saturday, October 27, 2012

I finally finished a jacket I've been working on for my new niece Olive. She was born last month and is so freaking cute. (Unsurprisingly of course, given that her parents are pretty dang good looking themselves. :) Anyways, I decided to make her this jacket for when she gets a bit older.  

I used the Sunday Brunch jacket by Oliver + S

For some reason their website doesn't carrying it anymore but I was able to just buy it through Amazon. Kind of annoying because it cost like $5 more but oh well.

 I'm tempted to hang these patterns on my wall, I think they're so cute. ha really though, I think they'd be cute in a nursery room or something. Must remember that for one day. 

For the fabric, I used brown gabardine because it was simple and matches everything. I also liked how the brown one on the cover of the pattern turned out so I was wanting to mimic that. (Except I just realized that it looks red in the picture above. I SWEAR it is brown in the pattern I have. I swear I'm not imagining things.)
Then I used fabric covered buttons for the front. This was my first time making fabric covered buttons and I was excited to see how easy it was. I always thought they were hard to make for some reason so that was a nice little surprise.

ha she's so cute, isn't she? This actually isn't Olive, it's my other niece June. (Angie & Ajay's daughter for those that know my família). She kept making this face because of the flash. ha, I miss that little girl. 

 Now I am happy because I can cross this off my list of Oliver + S patterns that I want to make, since I want to make every. single. one of them, I swear. Good thing I have lots of nieces and nephews huh? 

Also, this is random but I wanted to thank those who commented on my 2nd to last post about the fabric situation. For those of you who care, (Mom?) I decided to make the gold collar dress, thanks in part to you lovely people and also Mood, for being awesome and having gold fabric that is perfect. Really though, thanks for all who gave their input. I greatly appreciated it! 


  1. You are so insanely talented! I wish I had half your talent!

  2. I remember the dress you're talking about so I hope you share it!
    I love this little jacket! I really want to learn to sew WELL soon so I can make adorable clothes like these for my little guy/girl soon! Oh well, maybe I'll just have to commission you! =]

  3. This is sooo adorable! I love Oliver + S patterns. I will be making a ton of their stuff once we decide to have a baby!

  4. I was hoping you would do a post about this! I can't wait for Olive to wear it! Also New York sounded AWESOME! I'm glad you go to go!

  5. Oh yes, oliver + s patterns are the best!! Good thing you're stockpiling now for your own future children. :)

  6. SO CUTE! My mom used to make a lot of clothes for me and my siblings back in the day. I hope when I have kids I'll be adventurous (and patient) enough to test my sewing skills.
    Did you just Google how to make the buttons? I feel like they would be kind of challenging.
    Nice work, Haylee!

    1. The directions just came with the package! It was seriously so easy. I thought the same thing, how they sound hard but they definitely were simple. I love it when that happens. :) I hope I'm the same way re: kids clothes. Now I like making them but I'm worried that by the time I have my own kids, I'll be sick of doing it. ha hopefully not though. So hopefully both of us will be patient enough to do it. :)

  7. I like this cute kids clothes.


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