Heidi & Sadie's Shower

Monday, June 25, 2012

This weekend my sisters and I threw a baby/bridal shower for my two sisters. Two separate sisters, one's having a baby, the others getting married. Just wanted to clarify that so that you didn't think one sister was getting married because she was having a baby. ha 

So for the shower I was in charge of the decorations and helping out with food table presentation. I made the ribbon garland which ended up in me totaling our car, like no joke. I ran out of white and pink ribbon so my sister and I went to Hobby Lobby to get some more and on the way there we were part of a 4 car pile-up after someone stopped too fast. Awesome. So that garland actually makes me cringe a little bit but hopefully that's just me. 
 I also got a bunch of giant round balloons to put up everywhere. 

Those were really fun to get home. Except not really because they didn't fit in our car so I ended up having to hold them out the window. ha I'm sure we were quite a site, with 5 huge balloons coming out our window. We probably looked like Up!

For the decorations I decided to go with pink as the main color because my sister's having a girl, and also because one of Heidi's wedding colors was light pink. Then coral, ivory, peach and white as corresponding colors. 

For the food we had a waffle bar with different toppings, quiche, and french macarons for dessert. The quiche was just from Costco but oh my gosh, it was amazing! Costco makes good quiche, who knew?

The french macarons were a little random but I love how they look. Plus I found them for a really good deal on Etsy so that made it worth it. :)

Congratulations Sadie and Heidi! (And KC and Greg of course.) The Atkinson clan is getting bigger!


  1. That party is adorable! (:
    I love those big balloons I keep looking for an excuse to get some but I haven't found one yet..

  2. This looks like such a cool party, its set up all so beautifully :)

    Jess x

  3. the shower looks absolutely fabulous! awesome job with the decorations! :)

  4. Haylee you worked hard on the shower and it turned out really really well. It was fun and the decorations were awesome. Thanks for all you did. MOM

  5. Plus you even made the tablecloths...you didn't say that one! I especially loved the balloons and the colors you choose. The macaroons were almost as good as the ones we tried in Paris!

  6. Oh no, so sorry about your car! That's so scary! But I'm glad you're okay and I think it all turned out great, even the garland. =]

  7. ARGH! Car pileup?!?! I'm glad noone was hurt!
    Car chaos sure didn't stop you from putting on a beautiful shower! Everything is so perfect and pretty, down to the teeny details... WANT those pink straws!!!
    And I ALWAYS embrace a random macaroon. Yours are so gorgeous with the ribbon garland.

  8. oh Haylee, how fun is this!?! i love all the pretty decorations and neapolitan color palette!! good choice for sure :) you girls did a smashing job making this happen and glad you clarified the baby to wedding ratio - baha. i had to giggle, you're so cute.

    gosh though, the car crash does not sound good. i'm glad to know you're alright, safe and sound! that is super scary, you must have been shaking for days afterwards, yipes.

    seeing the comments from your own Mom made my heart melt. happy continued celebrations...go Team Atkinson!!!! xo ♥

  9. PLUS, Haylee got utensils made from wood and the lemon water tasted so good out of those straws. I didn't know you had the balloons out of the car! haha, that must have been a sight! Was that going on the freeway too?

    Yeah, what a stress that pileup was. Well, it wasn't your fault and it would have happened to anyone. It's just too bad it happened to someone as nice and wonderful as you. I loved when you said, while walking away from the pileup after the police left, that getting ribbon now seemed like such a joke.

    Love you Hay. Way to go on celebrating Heidi and Sadie.

  10. HAYLEE! Goodness girl, you are so stinkin’ cute. And I’m pretty sure I’ve commented on each and every post of yours saying that, but you know… it’s the truth! :) You don’t even know how badly I want to graduate. I am so ready for college and college boys. ;) And being your roommate, shoot! How great would that be? You go to BYU, right? Oh, and GUESS WHO IS COMING TO UTAH IN AUGUST? This girl! I think we should party it up. Maybe have a little blogger meet up? And maybe you can introduce me to some of your good looking college aged guy friends? And we can talk allllllll about the boy on the left in the swimsuit picture. :)

    1. Oh my gosh CasiDee!!!! This just made my life, we are for SURE getting together when you come. I'll be thinking of fun things we could do. How long will you be here for?

  11. You can never, EVER, go wrong with macaroons. They are my absolute favorite. Love the table.

  12. I think these things seem to be perfect.


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