Crafted : Birthday Candy Bar Card

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I have way too much fun making these things.

Happy Birthday Sadie!

By the way, I wanted to apologize for my lack of posting lately. I've started college and the workload is somewhat driving. me. insane. I've gone from being able to sew whenever to only sewing when I can fit it in. Gahh, Boo all you college professors making my life difficult. I did finish one skirt though so I'm hoping to be back sometime this week!

Have a lovely weekend everyone. If you missed it, you should check out Christian Siriano's Spring 2012 collection. and Jill Stuart's. and Rebecca Minkoff's. Just because they were amazing and worthy of posting all over the internet. :)


    I'm sorry the college workload is driving you insane. besides the homework, do you like it?
    Also, I love your shirt. You are so flippin cute!

  2. aww your are so cute!
    I'm hoping you get more time in for your sewing soon! and are enjoying collage
    hugs Tereza

  3. Those lolly-and-chocolate cards you do are so clever and fabulous, such a wonderful idea! I'll bet the recipients are totally thrilled to get them! I hope your college workload eases off so you can enjoy yourself some...

  4. well sweetheart, you come to my hood and crave hamburgers but i come to yours and go absolutely nutso bonks for candy bars!!!! ; )

    gosh-tastic, you made another one of these super terrific poster cards and i'm smitten all over again! even the shorthand "w/", i never see anyone doing that, but i do it ALL the time. senti-mento, Haylee you are so brilliant!! honestly made my rainy day of a morning right here. Sadie is a heck of a lucky in-law to have your family right there with her.

    sorry school has you in its grasp but the education you're receiving will be well worth it lades. i didn't ever get to college but always wanted to have had that experience, you're so blessed. hope you got some relaxes in over the weekend and it wasn't all studying though : )

    love all the fall fashion coming out this season, did you see Rebecca Minkoff's video with Kate Bosworth? unreal stuff, i think i played it about 20 times.

    candy wrapper bounce shots & happy cheers to you pretty girl! xoox ♥

  5. That's a cool idea! Hope your college load lightens up a bit! BTW, I got an email saying you requested to follow me on twitter, but when I got on it didn't show up. Or I just couldn't figure out how to locate it! Anyway, you can just resend it and I'll accept. Stay strong gorgeous! ~ Lis

  6. Someone once made me one of these boards for my birthday about six years back! I was so honored actually . . .


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