Crafted : Asymmetrical Crystal Earrings

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I made some earrings! They're simple, but that's how I like them.
 For those that are wondering, yes they are supposed to be opposites of each other. haha, I'm not losing my mind. 

Update: Figured I'd share a picture of how they look on, so here you go! Still wearing them 6 years later. :)


  1. i love them!! i love that they're opposites and simple. i need to be more crafty like you. i swear i have billions of ideas flying around my brain but i never have the time to get them done.

  2. So cute! I LOVE that they are opposites! I really want to make some like that!

  3. Very beautiful, I think they will look lovely on you!

  4. stunning! you gotta do a tutorial! Where do you like getting your jewelry supplies from. All we have is Hobby Lobby/Micheals here.

  5. Haylee, i'm stoked about the asymmetric look you've made. really, so unique. deadly combo that i bet look super sweet hanging from little lobes.

    girl, that rainbow cake link you left me was epic. the thing looked like a xylophone...i LOVED it, thanks! xo ♥

  6. yeahhh haha! "um, haylee, did you notice that you put the bead on the wrong end?" in all seriousness, they turned out gorgeous. I love how you displayed them! :)


  7. Those look awesome. Simple is the best, in my opinion. so pretty!

  8. these are beyond beautiful. so classy and clean but still beautiful. i love it, i feel like i would see hepburn or someone else amazingly beautiful and classy wearing them.. like you. <3


    i'm sorry you had a breakdown too. what happened? vent to mama kat. but retail therapy cures all. truly does. you're a sweetheart, know that? and the hobo... i don't even know. i told my mom that if i get arrested she'll know it's for knifing a hobo! just kidding. ..kind of.

  9. This is a pair of beautiful earrings.


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