Sweet Surprise.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


YORK the best POP in the whole MILKY WAY. When life takes me down SOUR PATCH(ES)I can count on you to be my LIFESAVER. You SKOR high points as a dad, especially with that SNICKER of yours. I wish I could take you on a shopping SPREE on 5TH AVENUE but they don't have Lowes there because they are LEMON HEADS. I hope you have a 100 GRAND Father's day POP. I love you so MUNCH.
Love, Haylee 


Here's wishing every father out there a very happy Father's day!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

but that doesn't matter because I made some earrings! :)


They're simple, but that's how I like them.
 For those that are wondering, yes they are supposed to be opposites of each other. haha, I'm not losing my mind I swear. 

We've Known That Sooner or Later.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

 I just finished my very first T-shirt quilt.
If you don't know what a T-shirt quilt is, well, it's a quilt made out of T-shirts! ha so pretty self explanatory.


I made one using shirts from different sports teams, school activities, family vacations.. basically all the shirts that usually end up as pajama shirts.


I like how many memories this quilt has, but at the same time, it's driving me crazy how crinkled it looks. Ugh, It's because of the way it was quilted together. I was persuaded into using the "meandering technique" instead of just simple squares and now I totally regret it.

..Oh well. At least I'll never feel like I have to iron it now. 

Pretty Pictures.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

So apparently when you graduate, people send you presents!
Something I wasn't aware of but I'm down with the idea.
So I've been making thank you cards/envelopes for the lovely family and friends who were awesome and sent me something.


I can't take credit for the Polaroid cards. Aren't they so sweet though? You can buy them here.


The envelopes are made from old Anthro magazines. (Of course)



Considering that I sent these to people like my grandma, I wonder what their reaction to them will be. I love the pictures of course but I could totally see my aunts being like "..what the random pomegranate?" ha. Oh well,  I love them so I'm sending them anyway.

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