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Saturday, December 18, 2010

For Christmas, I made my niece some little bath puppets.

These were so incredibly easy to make. I got the pattern and idea from the Martha Stewart website and seriously an hour later they were done.
One tip for anyone who wants to make them. The website says to just use a zig-zag stitch around the puppets, but I tried that like three times and the fabric was fraying like crazy. So instead I used the overlock-like stitch that is found on most sewing machines and it worked much better.
In other exciting news, I'm out for Christmas break! Well, technically I have school next week but I'm going out of town so I won't be there. Wa hoo! Which reminds me,
 What are some of your favorite movies and/or TV shows? I have a really long flight ahead of me next week and I need some ideas to keep me from going crazy entertained. I love documentaries especially so if you have any recommendations, please speak up!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas! 


  1. 1. Those are ADORABLE!
    2. I'm lame and can't think of any documentaries but if you're in the Christmas mood... Home Alone is a classic. I could watch that movie over and over and over. But that's me. :)

  2. Pushing Daisies is SUCH a good TV show. Definitely one of my favorites.

  3. haha i have soooo many favorite movies.

    here they are!:

    1) singing in the rain with gene kelly. oh, just spectacular.
    2) the wizard of oz from 1939. judy garland is so amazing.
    3) cabaret with liza minnelli. if you haven't noticed, these three are musicals. i have a thing for musicals set in the 20's-40's.
    4)paper heart. it's filmed like a documentary, really super cute! it's with michael cera (so dorkily adorable, no?)
    5) thoroughly modern millie. it's ANOTHER musical set in the 20's but it's so great! i promise. julie andrews is stunning. it's just such a wonderful movie. you'll love it, or your money back!

  4. gahhh, could your things BE any CUTER!??!?

    if you have Netflix, they have a tonnnnn of interesting documentaries on Instant Watch. I'm really excited to watch "Crips and Bloods" (guess what that's about) and "To Be and To Have," which is about a one room schoolhouse in rural France (so, basically, my dream).

    happy holiday, love!! and have a wonderful trip.

  5. Hello Haylee! Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. I regret to inform you the winner was announced on the 15th, but hopefully next give-away you will enter on time.

    Happy Holidays, sweetness! take care. -Bella Q

  6. have i told you yet that you are pretty much me in a nutshell, but prettier and naturally blonde? <3

  7. Those are adorable! What a great gift idea. A few of my movie faves are Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, I Heart Huckabees, and The Royal Tenenbaums. For shows, I love Buffy and the BBC Robin Hood (both guilty pleasures!) and The Wire for something more cerebral!

    Have a good flight!

  8. oooh how fun! Sounds like a big trip then?
    hmmm... I have no suggestions for movies sorry, find an awesomely huge book is my advice.
    That's horrible you have school, I don't. (:

  9. Oh and
    You’ve been tagged (:

  10. are you kidding? these are theee cutest things ever!!

  11. Haylee, I'm so sorry, I only just came across your comment asking about Perth.... sorry!
    You probably know by now Perth is Very Hot in January, if you are finding it hot now around Christmas time, then January and February is going to be just more of the same, and continuously...
    I hope you enjoy Curtin Uni, my son is there and absolutely loves the student lifestyle... what course are you enrolling in?

  12. so I blogged about you becuase well your one of my favorites. you wont be able to read it till tommorow. but just wanted to let you know.

  13. Randomly landed here and glad I did. Just have to say you are DARLING. EVERYTHING. And quite the talent for a girl your age. I'm very impressed (jealous) and think you are the bees knees. ♥

  14. Hmmm- Nurse Jackie? Mad men? United States of Tara?
    I love your craft ideas so far and can't wait to see what else I will find on here!

  15. I am in LOVE with those puppets, how cute!
    As far as tv shows + movies-- 30 Rock is fantastic. I also just rented Salt, and it was a wonderful film, as was Shutter Island. Ghost World, Juno, Whip It, etc etc etc?
    xoxo Maddie
    Happy 2011!

  16. Those puppets are the cutest!! The last documentary I watched was Food Inc. it's pretty interesting and very informative, you might like it.

  17. thank you! you can get it the jewelry stand at costco. haha

  18. Do you know this is the first time that I've ever heard that most machines have an overlock stitch? So I looked at mine and it kind of seems like it does. I can't tell you how happy I am to know this!

  19. they are utterly adorable!! I think i might try and make some too!!!

  20. These little things are cute.


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