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Friday, September 24, 2010

I'm playing catch up today. I have a few things I've made that have gone un-blogged due to unsatisfactory pictures, bad hair days and mediocre sewing jobs. But I keep telling myself I'm going to take better pictures and that has yet to happen.. So instead i'm delivering them in one big bundle. It's like a birthday present, man how lucky are you? ;)

First up, the ever versatile Snuggie! Or Slanket, or Toasty Wrap, whatever you'd like to call it. Don't lie and tell me you haven't thought of getting one of these, I know you have.

This little thing was made for my mom, but It's a bit too sleazy for her liking so it probably won't be getting much use. I tell her she looks hot but she isn't convinced.

A plate that I made. I entered it into the 4H state fair hence the blue ribbon on the front. Yes I'm a 4H nerd and yes I'm dang proud of it. :)

A preview of a project coming soon.
Just for the record, I stick strictly to 4H crafts. Sheep and goats aren't really my thing.

In other completely unrelated news, I got a new blog layout! And to put it simply, I'm quite obsessed with it. I won a contest which entitled me to a free layout designed by this lovely lady and this is what her in genius mind came up with. Amazing right? It's exactly what I wanted.

Stick around for some lycra, pink ruffles and a cute little redhead, coming soon!
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