Floral Skirt #142

Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever get sick of floral. Honestly half of my closet is adorned with the stuff and nothing has thus far stopped me from wanting more. So to add to the bundle, I made this skirt!


Please excuse the overly posed "lean against the tree and smile" look going on .

What's your favorite print? (Stripes, florals, polka-dots, etc)


  1. That is adorable! where can I get mine? haha, you seriously could sell them they are gorgeous. And I can't tell but a lace trip on the floral might look pretty! :)
    Super super pretty!
    I love lace,vertical stripes, and florals for sure! :)

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  3. Love it! And I love floral too! I just bought two floral print shirts. Love them.

  4. I like prints and colors of all kinds, but my heart belongs to floral patterns too. It would be hard to coun't now how many floral dresses do I have.
    The skirt is lovely, beautiful lace detail and such a sweet-looking outfit.

  5. Hayley, I'm just letting you know that I have changed my blog URL and just wanted to give you the link as I realized after I had changed it people couldnt access my blog, silly me ;P


    I hope you have a wonderful weekend
    Love Jess xxx

  6. oh wow!! i LOVE this skirt sooo much, the print is soo pretty!! and with your yellow flats, perfection!! :D

  7. Holy mama,
    I never knew you were so good at... everything!
    You should teach a sewing class. I have been dying to learn how to sew and would seriously pay to learn.

  8. i have those shoes! (now i just need that skirt to complete the outfit. haha)

  9. I think the girl's necklace is nice.


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