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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Fact: I have a queen sized bed but never use one side.
Fact: The Hunger Games is kind of amazing.
Fact: I almost burned my house down by burning a candle. (Hence the charred wood on my dresser).

Fact: My desk is never this clean.
Fact: When my blinds are open, I feel like the 60 year old neighbors are watching me.
Fact: I have a loft.
Fact: I wish I used it more often. 
     Fact: I got this yellow vase from D.I. for $1.
Fact: I have way too much fun decorating my bulletin boards.

What does your room look like?


  1. Wow, my comments work! I don't know how but I'm so excited. So yeah - your photos are cool and your room looks so clean!

  2. I love your room!! The loft is the absolute coolest :) My room is so incredibly boring- all the effort went into designing the rest of the house..I just havent gotten around to making my room how I want it. :P

  3. I love your room. It is very colorful and feels like you because you picked it all out, and did it yourself. I really like being in there.

  4. I LOVE your room! So fun! I totally love your dresser! And I love the Hunger Games too!

  5. Oh man, I LOVE your room. It is adorable. I wish I had a loft.. I would definitely use it. :P

  6. oh the hunger games. best book you will ever read. ever. i want a loft :(

  7. I think your pillow is nice.


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